Beauty Eye Facial electric Massager

Regular price $39.98


1. Four light modes

  • Red light: increase skin elasticity, soothe the skin from yellowing and dullness;
  • Blue light: soothes skin acne, acne, acne marks, etc .;
  • Yellow light: breaks down skin melanin and whitens shiny skin;
  • Mixed light:multiple effects

2. Temperature: 38 ° C- 45 ° C to meet the needs of different groups of people 3rd and 3rd gear vibration adjustment

3. Adjustable three positions of vibration massage

4. USB charging, easy to carry

5.  45 ° gold bevel design

6. Hot compress / Photon beauty / Vibration massage / Nursing

7. Exquisite packaging:Best gift for mom, wife, daughter


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