Cat Scratch Board/Sofa Bed Corrugated Paper

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  • 100% Safe: Made of 100% recyclable high-density corrugated board and edible corn glue, it is safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Multi-purpose: Our cat claw board can be used for hourglass, rest, clawing, play and cat venting, preventing cat claws from scratching furniture.
  • Double-sided Grip: The curved design makes it easier to scratch the cat's ability to bend and stretch the body, both sides are available.
  • Long-term Use: You can add catnip to enhance the intimate relationship between the owner and the cat, which can make the cat happy and relieve stress.
  • Practical and Useful: The cat can play with it, entertain themselves when its owner is not at home; The cat can use it to release anxiety and vent their bad emotions.

This is not just a cat scratch board, because it can bring a lot of fun to the cat. Not only for the claws, it can be used as a cat litter mat, easy to clean out, and it can also provide a comfortable sleep for the cat; The car can use it to grind its claw nails to prevent the claw nails from being too long; The cat can play with it, entertain themselves when its master is not at home; The cat can use it to release anxiety, vent their emotions.

Name: Cat Scratch Board Toy
Modeling: sofa type
Material: corrugated paper
Size: about 410*75*210mm/16.14*2.95*8.27in
Weight: about 350g
Tips: Manual measurement may have an error of 1-2cm.

Packing List:

1*cat scratch toy

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