Electric Facial Cleanser Brush Massager

Regular price $25.99

Type:Skin care tool 
Material:Silicone Country/Region of Manufacture:China 
Skin Type:All skin types 
Charging type: USB charging
Vibration Frequency:6000rpm Input 
Charging Time:1hour 
The package contains: products, accessories, instructions, USB charging cable


1.6mm brush: Through the large area of ​​silicone bristles, blackheads, pores and skin can be cleaned, effectively solving skin problems. 
2.Massage mode: Light frequency vibration can massage the eyes, remove dark circles, and solve the problem of excessive fatigue. 
3.Variable speed adjustment: Users can choose the corresponding gear position according to the comfort and their skin quality. 
4.Large-capacity battery: one month long battery life, free of troubles, once a day, two minutes per button , nine gears, ", -" adjustment. 
5.Skin-friendly silicone design: high-frequency vibration does not damage the skin, edible silicone, soft material, sensitive muscles and pregnant women can be used, there are two models of ordinary models and heating. 
6.45 °C constant temperature heating, softening aging keratin promotes the emulsification of cleansing cream, quickly removes pores and dirt

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