Magic Automatic Ball Dog Chew Toys Roller

Regular price $19.99

Product Description
Item Type: Pet Toy
Toys Type: Ball Toy
Material: Short Plush, Plastic
Color: White, Brown
Target Audience: Dogs
Feature: Durable
Type: Hamster, Squirrel
1. The ball cover adopts the ABS material, which is healthy and environmental protection, resistant to bite and wear.
2. The inner toy is short plush material, and it is soft and comfortable.
3. A built-in battery device can let the toy move and attract pet.
4. Playing toys can help cats to solve boredom and can cost their most time and energy to let your furniture get away from the scratching and destroying by your cats.
5. When the toy moves, the pets will chase it. During the process, pets can get more exercise to have a healthier body.
Package Include:
1 x pet toy

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